Christina Nelson




Montreal, Quebec H3A 2T8 Canada


Experimental particle physics , the fundamental constituents of matter and their interaction. How matter on the smallest scale relates to matter on the largest. The very early Universe after the Big Bang. Computer science applications to physics analysis such as Monte Carlo simulations, machine learning , and algorithm optimization. Mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, individual and collaborative work.


Languages and Frameworks: ROOT, C, C++, Python, LaTeX, Java, FORTRAN90

Toolsets/OS: Ubuntu, Linux, MacOS, Git/GitHub, g++, Windows


University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

B.S., Physics, minor in Computer Science (Spring, 2017)

2014 - 2017

Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu, HI

A.S.N.S., Natural Science with honors (Spring, 2014)

2012 - 2014


Software data processing assistant, Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Detection of near earth objects (NEOs), especially asteroids, is important for the protection of our planet; also it becomes a challenging problem for computation due to the high combinatorics of NEOs. An algorithm is developed with Professor Nodari Sitchinava using computational geometry to efficiently and accurately determine probable asteroids.

  • Developing an asteroid detection algorithm and source code with the use of computational geometry

2017 - 2017

Open Education Resources (OER), University of Hawaii at Manoa

OER aims to improve pedagogy through open access educational tools, making quality education accessible to everyone

  • Building an open source database of physics problems in compliment to open access text books
  • Randomized and amorphous problem sets whose solutions are not easily found on the Internet

2017 - 2017

Lab assistant, UH Manoa Physics department

Collaboration on neutrino experiments: DUNE, NuLat, LPS

  • Calibration and characterization of SiPMs, and PMTs
  • Data analysis via software and oscilloscope reading, circuit building
  • mechanical construction, cryogenic handling, optical laser operation

2014 - 2017

Peer mentor, Kapiolani Community College

  • Peer mentor to students in STEM center for Computer Science I and II
  • Aided students in concepts of object oriented programming, algorithm development
  • debugging, abstract data types, and data structures

2013 - 2014


Dean's List, University of Hawaii Manoa, Fall 2016, Spring 2017

UROP, University of Hawaii Manoa, Fall 2016

Proposal accepted for experiment: Magnetization of novel multiferroic materials

CERN University of Michigan REU, Loundsbery Foundation, Winter semester 2015

Winter semester research at CERN with the Exotics group in ATLAS working in the diHiggs to 4b channel

SULI at Fermilab, Department of Energy, Summer 2014

Summer REU at Fermilab working with the Mu2e simulation group


Available upon request